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Tig Wire Stainless 309LSI x 1.6mm

Low carbon 24%Cr/13%Ni type filler rod recommended for tig and oxy-acetylene welding of 309 and 309L stainless steels. Also suitable for joining dissimilar steels such as stainless steel to mild or low alloy steels and for stainless surfacing of mild steel, carbon and low alloy steels. This tig wire has low carbon and higher silicon content which improves the fluidity of the filler metal during welding.

Part Number188210Unit SizeKG
Packet Size5 kgPolarityDC-
Shielding GasArgonDimensions1.6mm
Classification:AWS A5.9: ER309LSI AS/NZS ISO 14343-B-SS309LSI
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