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FCW HF Tube-Alloy 255-G 1.2mm 11.3kg spl

Tube- Alloy 255-G is a small diameter, gas shielded hard surfacing wire that deposits an extremely wear resistant chromium-carbide overlay. It is designed for overlay on carbon, low alloy, cast iron and austenitic manganese base metals. Stress-relief cracking will readily occur with this product. This cracking is not detrimental to the wear properties of the deposit and provides some degree of stress relief for the weld metal.

Part Number185101Unit SizeSPOOL
Packet Size11.34kgPolarityDC+
Shielding Gas98% Ar/2% O2, 90% Ar/10%CO2Dimensions1.2mm
CapacityHardness On 1020 Steel 1 layer - 58 Rc, 2 layer - 61 Rc, 3 layer - 65 Rc. Hardness on Mn Steel 1 layer - 47 Rc, 2 layer - 51 Rc, 3 layer - 54 Rc. 
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