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Mig Wire Elite x 0.9mm 5 kg spool

Weldwell Elite Mig wire is a precision wound, copper-coated steel wire eminently suited for welding in all positions. Under satisfactory conditions the weld metal will contain less than 4ml of hydrogen per 100g of weld metal, and is able to produce welds with excellent x-ray qualities. The thin copper coating ensures good electrical contact, reduces friction during high speed feeding and minimises corrosion of the wire.

Part Number180003Unit SizeSPOOL
Packet Size5 kgPolarityDC+
Shielding GasCO2, Argon/CO2Dimensions0.9mm
Classification:AWS A5.18: ER70S-6 AS/NZS 2717:1 ES6-GC-W503AH
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