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  • Weldwell and the Manufacturer warrants each of its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship.
  • When properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions provided, Weldwell’s and the Manufacturer’s obligation under this Warranty is limited to furnishing from Weldwell Store or Manufacturer’s Factory, new parts for any found to be defective upon inspection by a Weldwell Representative or Manufacturer’s RepresentativeNo damage or labour charges shall be allowed. Any units or parts returned to our store are to be returned freight prepaid.
  • Weldwell and the Manufacturer shall not be liable for loss, damage or expense resulting directly or indirectly from use of its products or from any other cause.
  • This Warranty becomes void if components are damaged mechanically as a result of mishandling or other abuses, or if unauthorised changes are made in circuitry or construction. The Warranty shall apply to the original purchaser-user only and does not cover any equipment resold, rented, leased or delivered in any manner to another party.
  • The Warranty shall apply for periods listed beginning on the date of sale to the initial end user of the welding equipment.   

    Machines And Equipment

    Steadymig Welders

    18 Months

    Steadymig Transformers

    3 Years

    Helvi Inverter Welders

    1 Year

    WIA Weldmatic and Weldarc Machines

    Go to ...

    Miller Electric Machines and Equipment

    Go to ...

    Weldwell Blade Helmet

    1 Year

    Pro Hobby Helmet

    2 Years

    Digital Elite Welding Helmet (New!)

    3 Years

    All other components

    90 Days

    (Includes Gouging Torches, MIG Torches, TIG Torches, etc)


Special Note:

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to get approval from a Weldwell Representative before authorising any repairs to equipment. Failure to advise us and gain approval leaves the responsibility and payment of all costs to the purchaser’s account.

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