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2weld.jpgLuck, learning and leverage are what Weldwell New Zealand’s founder, Wilf Nuttall believes led to the growth and development of arc welding electrode company Weldwell New Zealand.

LUCK - to secure a new product agency for a new low temperature welding repairs and maintenance process which made salvaging broken and worn machine parts simpler.

LEARNING how to gain and retain support from engineers, welders, bankers, partners and distributors.

LEVERAGE every means available to not only survive but to prosper and grow stronger in the NZ marketplace.

1944 While serving with the RNZAF as a sheet metal worker and welder, Wilf Nuttall wrote to a US publisher for their latest copy of “Welding Encyclopedia”. An article in this manual about the newly developed Eutectic Low Temperature welding process began the Weldwell New Zealand story.
1946 The reply to a letter written by Wilf Nuttall to the US company who developed the welding process appointed him NZ agent on a one year trial.

Wilf Nuttall spent the trial year:

  • testing the sample product range
  • applying for import licenses
  • convincing the Trade & Industry department that importing a few pounds of welding rods could save thousands of pounds in replacement parts.
  • persuading skeptical engineering workshop managers and head welders that those costly junked parts in their scrap heaps could be salvaged using the innovative low temperature welding repair and maintenance process.
  • By 1947 everything was done. With firm orders and support letters from engineering workshop managers, the import licenses were awarded and Weldwell New Zealand was established.
1952 Weldwell New Zealand’s partnership with PHILIPS began after Wilf Nuttall heard about PHILIPS’ range of iron powder-coated arc welding electrodes.
1967 Weldwell New Zealand began production in their electrode factory.
1986 Weldwell New Zealand became the only New Zealand producer of arc welding electrodes for both the local and international market.

In May 2000, Weldwell New Zealand became a member of the ITW group of companies, and prides itself on being part of this global company that is focused on creating value-added products and innovative customer solutions.


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